How to Build a Beer System

Building a beer system is relatively easy. It kind of walks the simplicity of plumbing with lines / pipe / fittings. The hard part though is the science behind the scenes to pour the perfect beverages. Another big component is managing the system once it is functioning. 

Building a beer system needs a list of components and a couple tools. It really is based on the cooling system. For the sake of simplicity, we will run through things as a refrigerated unit. Here is a run-down of the essentials:

-Beer line (liquid line)

-Gas line (airline)


-Gas tank

-Hex nuts and tail pieces 


-Stainless steel shank assembly 

-line cleaner




-faucet wrench

-Hose clamp – worm nuts

-couplers (keg connections or ball and lock joints)

-miscellaneous parts for installation on custom pieces

Assembly is really based on the functionality of the bar and the type of cooling system. These details all culminate what needs to be built and bought in terms of shank size, tower size, line distance and on and on. Once the setup is built there really are two factors in the science of pouring a good beer. They are temperature and pressure. It is easy for an expert to run the calculations but mostly it is based on the line distance. 

How to put wine on tap? 

More and more these days kegged wine is sold which has a bit of savings when buying in bulk. It needs to be ran with nitrogen to keep the flavor profile correct. Kegged wine can have multiple couplers, meaning different connections into a beer system, so making sure you have the right part is important. Wine can flow through the same system, but it is major that the system is made of quality stainless steel. The acid from wine can tear apart other shanks/metals especially under pressure. 

How to pour draft champagne?  

Just like wine custom couplers are kind of hard to come by, it is hard to find the different styles of prosecco or champagne that you can easily order here in the states compared to France or Italy. Champagne needs lots of pressure to ensure that it has that crisp pop in flavor. The pressure might need to be higher than that of what beer is usually served at. When serving up the liquid in a chilled glass pay attention to how it is coming out as this can show the carbonation. 

How to tap Soda? 

Sodas in kegs using the same type of beer systems need the proper attention too. It is hard as the soda can turn flat or can be over pressurized and too foamy. The good thing is that the bubbles die down easily if over carbonated. If the beverage is flat is simply tastes like sugary water/ syrup. This can pour similar to champagne. Tags: beerBeer Systembeer tapbeer truckbeverage cateringBuild Beer Systemsclassic carsmobile bartap trucktap truck usavintage truck

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